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The Log Cabin Ranch Wedding

What an amazing wedding. I will surely never forget it. A wedding like I have never seen before. An extravaganza of every colours of the rainbow.. and more!! From the multicoloured bride's braids to the bridal party and cake.. it was a colour explosion!!

I am so glad that Chenai and Mark decided to have a wedding that fully represented themselves without taking inspiration from any Pinterest mood board.

This wedding was unique, laid back, fun and bold! From the moment I arrived, I felt like I was in a wedding wonderland and I could not stop shooting!!

The ceremony was held in the barn of the property and it was also recorded live for Chenai's dad who unfortunately was not able to be present and had to watch it from overseas.

After the ceremony, the couple and I went around the property for some portraits and also some cute images with the farm animals.

The Log Cabin Ranch was just the perfect venue with grounds where guests could mingle and sit down sipping cocktails and having canapés and also animals.

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Couples Feedback...

“I just received my wedding photo's and am in tears! Laura is the most incredible photographer and human. I couldn't be happier :)”

- Chenai and Mark
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