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What if it rains?

One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive during wedding season is “What do you do if it RAINS?!”. We want to reassure you that even if it rains, you will still have beautiful portraits! We know that rain isn’t ideal, and no bride would wish for rain on their big day, but if it happens, it happens….. and it’s going to be JUST fine!!

Here are a few things to remember:

It cannot rain forever! To put your mind at ease, in our career we have NEVER captured a wedding when it rains relentlessly the entire day. And we have photographed more than 400 weddings! There are always 5/10 minutes of clearing. When the rain stops we have to be quick and just run outside before the rain starts again. Yes, we know that moving the timeline we so had so carefully designed can be quite stressful but it is what it is and one day you will tell your children/grandchildren about those crazy moments of you running trying to catch some sunlight! You may have to join the guests while they are having canapes or miss out on the entree because you are having photos taken, but embrace the elements! It will be all worth it and one day you will look back laughing!

We also suggest investing in clear umbrellas. Those are always a nice prop to have if it is drizzly. Unfortunately, in case of a storm clear umbrellas won’t do much but this is when a second shooter is super useful. The second shooter will be on the lookout waiting for those 5/10 minutes when the rain stops and once we are outside he/she will maximise every single minute by shooting using different lenses and angles.

Comfy boots are also a must for rainy weddings! You want to be comfortable walking on muddy grounds and believe me, nobody will see them under your gown!