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Stillwater at Crittenden Dromana Wedding 0144

Stillwater at Crittenden Dromana Wedding

A lake side wedding at Stillwater at Crittenden.

Simone and Joshua's dream wedding finally came to fruition as they exchanged their vows in the picturesque surroundings of Stillwater at Crittenden on the Mornington Peninsula. The venue's breathtaking view of the lake and the vines provided the perfect backdrop for the couple's magical day.

The couple's ceremony took place on the grounds of Stillwater, with a stunning view of the lake and the iconic willow trees that line its banks. It was a beautiful sight, and the perfect start to a day full of love and laughter. After the ceremony, the newlyweds ventured into the vineyard and other scenic spots for some incredible photos, capturing their love and the natural beauty of the venue.

The reception was held on the verandah, with the couple's closest friends and family, and it was an unforgettable night of celebration. Guests were treated to mouth-watering canap├ęs, refreshing drinks, and endless laughter as they enjoyed the most memorable speeches from the couple's loved ones.

Stillwater at Crittenden was the perfect location for this couple to begin their happily ever after. The stunning surroundings, coupled with the couple's love, made for a day that they, and their guests, will never forget. It truly was a wedding to remember!

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