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Dromana Estate Weddings

A barn winery wedding at Dromana Estate Weddings

Brianna and Jordan tied the knot at the picturesque Dromana Estate on the breathtaking Mornington Peninsula. This charming vineyard and winery provided the perfect backdrop for their special day.

The day started with anticipation and excitement as the guests gathered in the barn, which had been elegantly transformed into a whimsical ceremony space. The rustic charm of the barn, adorned with delicate flowers and greenery, set the tone for the heartfelt vows exchanged by Brianna and Jordan. It was a truly magical moment, filled with tears of joy and overwhelming happiness.

Following the ceremony, the newlyweds took full advantage of the stunning surroundings for their bridal and couple photos. The expansive property of Dromana Estate provided a multitude of picture-perfect spots, from the enchanting vineyards to the rolling hills. The golden hour provided the most beautiful lighting as Brianna and Jordan posed against the backdrop of the setting sun at the top of the hill.

As the day turned into evening, the reception was held in the reception room, transformed into a fairytale wonderland with twinkling fairy lights and elegant decor. The newlyweds took advantage of this romantic ambiance and had some stunning couple photos taken in this magical setting before the guests entered. The room glowed with warmth and love, creating an intimate atmosphere for the couple and their guests.

And as it started raining, Brianna and Jordan seized the opportunity and took some mesmerizing nighttime photos under the rain before joining their guests for a crazy dance floor!

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Couples Feedback...

“We are missing our beautiful day so much! We’ve spent the last week and a half laughing and crying about it all, and we cannot understate just how lucky we are to have had you capture our day. We loved how much fun you were and how excited you were about everything. We can’t thank you enough for helping make our day as special as it was.”

- Brianna and Jordan
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