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Gum Gully Farm Wedding - An Autumn wedding

This Gum Gully Farm Autumn wedding will just LEAF you speechless

Hail, rain, rainbows, and sunshine all in one day.. and this couple did not care in the slightest! Natalie and Nathan were just so all over each other I don’t think they even noticed the weather…

Natalie and Nathan tied the knot in the barn at Gum Gully Farm. While the ceremony was taking place, it was pouring down rain.. actually, it was hailing! But lucky for us, by the time the ceremony ended, the rain had subsided.

We hurried for couple photos, afraid that the bad weather would come back in full force. The grounds with those Autumn leaves were just gorgeous. I could not stop shooting. And lucky for us the rain did not come back. The best part was getting some images with the farm animals. The deers were so cute!

The reception took place in the homestead and the fireplace and roast dinner were just perfect on such a cold day. The guests had a blast dancing the night away!

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Couples Feedback...

“Laura was the perfect person to share our special day with, she was so supportive and we had a blast! Our photos have turned out immaculate”

- Natalie and Nathan
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