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Stones of the Yarra Valley Wedding Photographer

What an amazing Day Jessica and Brys had at Stones of the Yarra Valley.

Stones of the Yarra Valley was the perfect venue for this beautifully planned Autumn wedding. The gorgeous property was surrounded by the breathtaking colours of the season, which complemented the radiant reds in the bridal party's dresses and bouquets. The stunning chapel provided an emotional ceremony backdrop and the perfect spot for Brys to wait for his beautiful bride, Jessica, who looked absolutely stunning in her long-sleeved lace gown.

The reception at Stones of the Yarra Valley was nothing short of spectacular. Every detail was planned to perfection, from the centrepieces on the tables to the flower ornaments on the ceiling. The warm and cozy atmosphere created by the autumnal colours and rustic d├ęcor made the evening even more special.

The beauty of the property and the love between Jessica and Brys was captured perfectly in the photos. This Autumn wedding at Stones of the Yarra Valley is a must-see for anyone looking for inspiration for their own special day.

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