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Montalto Red Hill Wedding

It started with a glance one night at the local pub, and from there it grew into a happily ever after.

With April’s smile and infectious laugh combined with Brayden’s calm and sweet nature, no November rain could ruin this gorgeous couple’s wedding day amongst the vines at Montalto

The ceremony was held inside because of the weather. But the gorgeous floor to ceiling windows allowed for plenty of natural light and amazing images! After the ceremony, we took a quick group photo outside. Because the rain had subsided, we decided to go straight into couple and bridal photos and move the family portraits for later on during the day, inside during the reception.

This allowed us to have beautiful images, although in some of them it was drizzling. The couple did not care in the slightest. April and Brayden just wanted their photos taken and they were so smitten with each other. We don’t think they even noticed the rain!

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